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Migration from watchgod

This package was significantly rewritten and renamed from watchgod to watchfiles, these docs refer to the new watchfiles package.

The main reason for this change was to avoid confusion with the similarly named "watchdog" package, see #102 for more details.

The most significant code change was to switch from file scanning/polling to OS file system notifications using the Notify rust library. This is much more performant than the old approach.

As a result, the external interface to the library has been changed somewhat.

The main methods:

All remain, the following changes affect them all:

  • watcher_cls is removed and replaced by watch_filter which should be a simple callable, see filter docs
  • all these methods allow multiple paths to be watched, as result, the target argument to run_process & arun_process is now keyword-only
  • the other optional keyword arguments have changed somewhat, mostly as a result of cleanup, all public methods are now thoroughly documented

The old watchgod package remains

The old watchgod pypi package remains, I'll add a notice about the new package name, but otherwise It'll continue to work (in future, it might get deprecation warnings).

Documentation is available in the old README.